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Symposium History

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Year Date Location Info
2024 3rd December - 6th December Cascais, Portugal
2023 30th October – 2nd November Herning, Denmark
2022 8th November – 10th November Halifax, Canada
2021 1st November – 5th November Virtual
2020 26th October - 29th October Virtual
2019 28th October - 31st October Edinburgh, Scotland
2018 29th October - 1st November San Diego, USA
2017 30th October - 2nd November Abu Dhabi, UAE
2016 1st - 4th November Maastrict, Netherlands
2015 3rd - 6th November Ottawa, Canada
2014 4th - 7th November Berlin, Germany
2013 22nd - 25th October Norfolk, Virginia
2012 16th - 19th October Athens, Greece
2011 28th - 30th September Boston, USA
2010 8th - 10th September Lillestrøm, Norway
2009 2nd - 4th December Vienna, Austria
2008 19th - 21st August Sydney, Australia
2007 16th - 18th October Washington DC, USA
2006 19th - 21st September Copenhagen, Denmark
2005 4th - 6th October Sydney, Australia
2004 19th - 21st October San Diego, USA
2003 30th September - 2nd October Newbury, England
2002 N/A San Diego, USA
2001 N/A Malvern, England