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Posts and Contacts

The personal details and emails of society members are hidden to non-members for security and privacy reasons. To view this information, you must Login.

General queries should be directed to the

IDLSoc Secretariat

Phone: +44 (0)1460 298 090


IDLSoc Committee Structure

Society Structure

The Society is guided by a governing council named the General Committee. The committee comprises a multi-national group of Society members from both government and industry. Below the General Committee are three other committees that focus on key activities within the Society. A member from each of these committees sits on the General Committee.

Position Current Occupent(s) Society Email Address
Chairman LtCol Volker Schaaf Login to view email
Vice Chair Mr Don Kiley Login to view email
General Secretary Mr Don Kiley Login to view email
Treasurer Mr Stephen Lewis Login to view email
Assistant Treasurer Mr Marcel Jussaume
Communication Secretary Ms. Emma Jane Taylor Login to view email
Chair of Technical Committee Mr Nick Kropp Login to view email
Chair of the Events Committee Mr Casper Miltenburg
Government Co-Chair of AS/NZ Chapter LCDR Bobby McFerran
Industry Co-Chair of AS/NZ Chapter Graham Priestnall
Chair of Swedish Chapter Lt Col Lars HÃ¥kansson
Chair of UK Chapter Sqn Ldr Darren Martin
President of US Chapter Mr Mark Yelsits
Chair of German Chapter Mr Kai Thurner
Co-Chair of German Chapter Capt. Jens Paulzen
Industry Representatives Ms. Janet Mackett

Note: For legal reasons, several US Government members are currently unable to hold positions on the committee. However representatives from the US Military are invited to attend the General Committee Meetings.

Corporate Advisory Board

The CAB provides a forum for Corporate Member organisations (within industry, government and academia) to influence the activities that Society undertakes. View the Terms of Reference, here.

IDLSoc Chapter Chairs

Chapters of the Society are lead on a volunteer basis by a chairperson. This person is appointed by consensus of members. Contact details are available on the chapter pages.