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About the US Chapter

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The US Chapter of the IDLSoc was established in 2009. Since then it has provided an excellent forum for Industry, Government, and TDL experts to meet and exchange information on TDL initiatives and the continued advancement of link technology and applications. Current Chapter President, Mr Nicholas Kropp, in coordination with US Gov reps, has established a working forum to discuss Link 16 related issues. The Link 16 Summit is co-sponsored by the DoD CIO (C4&II), The Joint Staff (J6), DISA (E332), and the President of the US Chapter of the International Data Link Society. The Link 16 Summit provides a meeting environment, conducted on a reoccurring basis, for U.S. Link 16 stakeholders. It provides an environment for exchanging information, identifying challenges, sharing solutions and updating progress designed to promote a Link 16 community of interest that encourages individual stakeholders to communicate with others performing like activities within this arena.

The primary objective of the Summit is establishing a Link 16 stakeholders’ forum for both government and industry to discuss current status and future plans, including:

  • Link 16 Enhancements Implementation
  • Terminal Developments
  • Network Planning and Management Developments