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About IDLSoc Chapters

The International Data Links Society (IDLSoc) encourages the formation of chapters to serve its members. Specific geographic areas define each chapter, generally this is a country but it may also be a number of countries.

Any member of IDLSoc may request permission to set up their own National Chapter by emailing the Secretariat. All requests will be considered by the General Committee at the first meeting held after the request has been received.

There are a number phases that members need to go through to set up a Chapter.


  • Determine need and viability of new IDLSoc chapter
  • Generate interest from individuals and sponsors


  • Achieve membership quota of 10 or more individuals
  • Hold an organisational meeting to elect interim officers and approve bylaws
  • Grow the chapter and apply for IDLSoc Charter


  • Achieve membership quota of 25 or more individuals

The General Committee of the Society will assist individuals wishing to set up a National Chapter wherever possible.

Individual members are automatically considered to be members of a National Chapter if they are a citizen of that nation.