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About the IDLSoc

The International Data Links Society was born out of the International Data Links Symposium.

At the third symposium the executive organising committee of the symposium proposed to delegates that a not-for-profit organisation that could represent the international data links community through individual, government and corporate membership was set up and that THE International Data Links Symposium (IDLS) should sit within it. Delegates unanimously voted for the creation of the society.

The Society's Main Aims

  • To provide a Government-Industry forum
  • To inform each other of accomplishments and trends in military and civil data link technology
  • To further the effectiveness of digital information exchange
  • To create a framework of co-operation across nations
  • To further interoperability
  • The standardisation of data link terminology
  • The identification and promotion of key issues relating to the successful application of data links worldwide

The Society's Goals

  • To bring together and facilitate a network of international professionals in the data links community and create a forum for the exchange of social, cultural, technological and professional ideas and interests
  • To promote the increased use and higher quality of standards in the data links community
  • To become a key liaison with corporate, government, military, research, educational and other organisations concerned with the continued progress in civil and military data links