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CAB Information

Any organisation consisting in part of Data Link users, customers, managers, policy makers, technical advisors, support agents or suppliers shall be eligible to become a CAB (Corporate Advisory Board)Member of the Society.

The CAB Membership category includes Commercial, Government and Non-Profit organisations.

CAB Members shall have the right to be represented at meetings of the Society, and shall be subject to the conditions prevailing in the Bylaws of the Society.

Advantages of CAB Membership includes:

  • High visibility within the International Data Link community
  • Local visibility through our IDLSoc Chapters
  • Discounts at IDLSoc International Events, including a 20% discount on trade stands at the annual symposium (IDLS) of the IDLSoc
  • Facilities dedicated to CAB members at IDLSoc events, such as meeting rooms
  • A quantity of individual Society memberships for staff or non-staff
  • Portfolio pages on the IDLSoc website in addition to press releases, training providers and job advertisements

How to Apply?

CAB membership application forms are available at request of a Society member to the Society Secretariat.

Download CAB Membership Form