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Training Providers

IDLSoc does not endorse any particular training providers and this page has been produced solely for informational purposes. If you would like to be included please contact the

IDLSoc Corporate Members

Aeronix provides comprehensive training in the VMF over CNR tactical data link area. Aeronix supports both products-based and products-agnostic training courses that can be tailored for your specific needs. View More Info
To prepare for the threats of the battlefield, warfighters must be familiar with what they will encounter. With extensive experience in tactical data link training and technology, Curtiss-Wright has the tools and expertise to provide your organization with solutions that facilitate tactical data link communication on the battlefield. Develop realistic testing and training scenarios with intuitive... View More Info
As Link 16 continues to get deployed to more platforms and individual users, it will be important to increase the understanding of its capabilities to help U.S. and coalition forces adjust to new mission needs, adapt to new technologies and leverage the enhanced situational awareness that’s needed to succeed across today’s data-driven, highly contested battlespace. View More Info
Leidos has been developing software and hardware solutions along with providing testing support to all environments for over 30 years. Through our continued technical support to numerous platforms including Sentry, Sentinel, A400M and KC-30, it has become apparent that the ability to provide an impartial professional testing service is paramount to the successful integration and maximisation... View More Info
NCS has been providing Tactical Data Link (TDL) training to operators and engineers since 2004. While we offer dozens of courses addressing every TDL and operator role, we specialise in Link 16, Network Planning, Network Design, and Interface Control Officer training. We also offer specialty courses that cover MIDS BU2, JTRS CMN-4, and Network Enabled Weapons. View More Info

Other Providers

The Atheniem training philosophy is closely comparable to the way in which we deliver our Customer Friend subject matter support and guidance. Our trainers are frontline consultants and therefore are still exposed to the military training and operational challenges faced by the user community. Our subject matter experts have worked in a variety of military training schools across multiple nations... View More Info
Across the UK and around the world, Leonardo’s training and simulations are providing safe and realistic environments in which pilots, operators and maintainers can benefit from familiarisation, type conversion and refresher training without affecting availability of front-line capability. View More Info
At SyntheSys, we recognise the importance of delivering effective training which enables personnel to progress their understanding and confidence, regardless of their previous experience. The successful development and operation of Tactical Data Link (TDL) systems involves a broad range of disciplines: procurement officials; project managers; engineers and end-users. Our training courses are b... View More Info